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Thinking in Literature examines how the Modernist novel might be understood as a machine for thinking, and how it offers means of coming to terms with.
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Forms of World Literature

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train Oscar Wilde. Literature has always treated the sensational: crime, passion, violence, trauma, catastrophe. It has frequently Shows, through close readings of three major novelists, how Modernist fiction developed new ways of expressing thought.

Thinking in Literature: Joyce, Woolf, Nabokov by Anthony Uhlmann

This new English edition of Arnold Geulincx' Ethics is the first complete edition to appear in a modern language and includes notes by the great Irish writer Samuel Beckett, who indicated that Geulincx was a key influence on his This collection of essays reveals how Beckett entered into dialogue with important literary traditions and the realities of his time. The essays are designed to complement each other, building an overview that will allow students Features essays, which examine Beckett's reputation after Beckett, the years of scholarship and performance since his death in She has published three novels, many short stories and recently an essay on the German philosopher and critic Walter Benjamin.

As a cultural journalist, she contributes to the feuilleton of the most popular newspaper in Argentina.

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She has translated Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno, Robert Musil and J. Coetzee, among others.

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He has worked as an actor and stage manager, lighting designer and as a screenwriter. James Halford is a writer from Brisbane, Australia.

The recipient of a Sydney Review of Books Emerging Critics Fellowship, his critical writing focuses on comparative approaches to contemporary Australian and Latin American literature. He holds a literature degree and a creative doctorate from the University of Queensland, where he now teaches, and has also studied Spanish in Argentina, Mexico and Spain.

The Incandescent Mind: Virginia Woolf and Our Literary Foremothers

She is, among other things, a farmer in country SA. Her fiction has won many literary awards and has been translated into nine languages.

Nicholas Jose has published seven novels, including Paper Nautilus , The Red Thread and Original Face , three collections of short stories, Black Sheep: Journey to Borroloola a memoir , and essays, mostly on Australian and Asian culture. Pedro Mairal is an Argentinian novelist, travel writer, poet and screenwriter whose work has been translated and published across five continents.

Tina Makereti writes essays, novels and short fiction.