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The belted kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) is a large, conspicuous water kingfisher, the only member of that group commonly found in North America.
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We loved this restaurant!

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Very very recommended. Also the salmon was very good.


Try the irish breakfast too! This place was so great! We went for breakfast and dinner in the same day.

The service was great and both times we went it was packed. The prices are very reasonable and the resturant is very cute and has the homemade feel I love! We stayed at the Kingfisher townhouse and had breakfast and lunch at the restaurant.

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The full Irish breakfast my wife ordered was good and an omelette I ordered was also good. For lunch my wife and myself ordered the fish and chips and WOW… that was an amazing dish!

My wife and I stayed in the guest house while in Dublin for a concert and found it to be excellent. The room was clean and quiet and the staff were friendly and helpful even allowing us to leave our cases in reception for a few hours while we shopped.

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As for breakfast, Wow!! Kept us going for most of the day. Have ate here many times before and always try to go here when in Dublin as the food and service is first-class!! Would highly recommend both the guesthouse and restaurant to anyone who is visiting Dublin.

The menu has a large range of food. Food is just beautiful, very tasty. Very good prices. My grandson and I stayed in an apartment around the corner from The Kingfisher and ate there every day. The food was always fresh and delicious, and the service was friendly and efficient. Good food, clean and bright, full of lively people. The smoked fish fish and chips was really good.

Super food, freshly cooked, very popular, almost always full, and excellent, caring, waitress service. Value for money too!! My Husband and I went back to Dublin for a second time this year. We ate at the Kingfisher Restaurant last time and returned for several dinners this trip. The grilled trout was the best that I have ever eaten. The people in the Restaurant are Wonderful. This place is fantastic! Kingfishers, ranging in length from 10 to 42 cm 4 to Their feet are small, and, with a few exceptions, the tail is short or medium-length. Most species have vivid plumage in bold patterns, and many are crested.

Pied Kingfisher catching fish in split second - BBC wildlife

These vocal, colourful birds are renowned for their dramatic hunting techniques. Typically, the bird sits still, watching for movement from a favourite perch. Having sighted its quarry, it plunges into the water and catches the fish usually no deeper than 25 cm 10 inches below the surface in its dagger-shaped bill.

'Angel-like' kingfisher shot at reserve is 'one in a million' - BBC News

With a swift downstroke of the wings, it bobs to the surface. It then takes the prey back to the perch and stuns the fish by beating it against the perch before swallowing it. Many species also eat crustaceans , amphibians , and reptiles. The typical kingfishers subfamily Alcedininae are river dwellers, like the belted kingfisher Megaceryle alcyon , the only widespread North American species. This handsome crested bird flies off over the water when disturbed, uttering a loud rattling call.

It is about 30 cm 12 inches long and is bluish gray above and across the breast and white below. The male in its courtship ritual offers fish to the female as she perches. After copulation the pair circle high overhead and chase each other while crying shrilly.


Stretching 43 cm 17 inches long and weighing grams 16 ounces , the largest of all kingfishers is the kookaburra , known throughout Australia for its laughing call. Often found in urban and suburban areas, it can become quite tame and may be fed by hand. A member of the subfamily Daceloninae, the forest kingfishers, it captures insects , snails , frogs , reptiles, and small birds on the ground. It lives in family groups that roost together at night.

Many species, such as the common kingfisher Alcedo atthis , have large populations and vast geographic ranges. However, ecologists have observed that the populations of some species endemic to specialized habitats in Southeast Asia and the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean are in decline. Aggressive logging activities resulting in the deforestation of large areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines have been associated with dramatic population decreases in several species, including the blue-banded kingfisher A.