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Find great books to read without judging the cover. Read first pages of novels without bias, and reveal the author and title if you're hooked.
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New Releases. Real Readers Review: Frankly in Love. Ginger and Apricot Slice. This moreish slice is fabulous with a cup of tea to give you an energy boost mid-afternoon or as a decadent after-dinner treat. The Kiwi Legend you probably don't know about but definitely should! Wildlife of Aotearoa - Activity Sheet! Here's a fun activity from Gavin Bishop's latest picture book, Wildlife of Aotearoa. Coming Soon. Latest book releases.

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Straight to your inbox. Sign up to our newsletter using your email. Thank you! Your subscription to Read More was successful. Just look from a distance, then start writing what- ever comes to your mind. Tell a story about the person.

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Make it up. Is it an older man sitting on a bench in a mall while people swirl past?

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Something about the way he combs his white hair into high waves is slightly foreign. What might these things tell you? Listen to the voice in your head. Start writing. He tripped on a paving stone in Budapest in , running from Soviet police, and somehow fell forward to Dayton, Ohio, to a factory job that never changed during forty years while the world moved past him. Now he has come to live with his daughter. Not to anywhere, just out.

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Go on for a page or two. Look it over. Once it is written you can usually take a few things out to eave space for the imagination to fill in. Just get it down. OK, go off and do it. Then set them aside. Later—a day or two—take them out and read them over as though someone else had written them. And finally see if you can get everything down to a single paragraph that is the beginning of a short story..

She sat in the corner booth, white hair in place.

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Despite her faded features her carriage and high cheekbones conveyed an air of elegance. Her arctic blue eyes stared into the distance, then narrowed slightly as an unpleasant image surfaced in her mind, an image she had been trying to suppress. Soon, she was sure, acquaintances would notice that calls to her husband went unanswered, that he had not been seen for days. The cup in her hand quivered slightly as her mind began to race…. Lilian Shen. My name is Bonnie. I was born and raised in N ew York and summered in the H amptons, where I learned to sail. I was the junior sailing champion at the Hampton Yacht Club for many years running.

I hated it. I met my husband Twig on vacation in St. John six. Sounds like a perfect life, right?

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Well , almost…. Twig is the perfect partner, and his easy-going attitude is a tremendous asset to our business. It is painfully difficult for me to interact with other people and to make small talk. And I get uncontrollably angry about things that are not my responsibility and do not affect me directly.

My therapists have suggested variously that my problems stem from my alcoholic mother or from being ostracized as a teenager for being too tall and too smart for a girl.

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No one seems to know for sure where it came from or where it will go…. Molly Johnston. The next surprise comes when they read the stories that they have come up with. They are invariably lively, well seen, even inventive.

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The writing is mostly simple, direct, and very evocative. Why is that? And after a moment they shake their heads, no.