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The Healthy Hedonist Holidays: A Year of Multi-Cultural, Vegetarian-Friendly Holiday Feasts and creative seasonings, these flavorful feasts will leave guests feeling satisfied -- without the guilt that usually accompanies holiday indulgence.
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Mushroom and Spinach Quiche

I love creating flavorful naturally healthy dishes based on a Real Food philosophy with ethnic flavors. I am mindful of consuming and advocating traditionally raised and pastured animal foods. As a food designer, I am aware and interested in how flavors, textures, and colors go together, and ever enthusiastic to share and inspire others. On any given day, I am likely to have a slow cooking bone broth or some jar of something fermenting in my kitchen.

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I spent years cooking vegan meals at Angelica kitchen, in New York City. My first book, The Voluptuous Vegan , reflects that experience. While I have never been vegan, or even vegetarian, I have come close at times. I did not find that it worked for me to be so strict. I do appreciate good vegetarian or vegan meals, and I cook them often. My subsequent two books are flexitarian and include some dairy, eggs, fish and poultry.

Coauthored with poet-scholar Stephen Massimilla, it's really fun to read. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind. It's worth using the highest quality "real food" ingredients, locally grown or produced if possible. Try not to surf on the latest fad-based dietary wave.

Savor ingredients that have been favored by long cultural traditions. For the best-tasting results, use healthy traditional fats yes, fat makes flavor! High quality sea salt draws the flavors of a dish together; and furthermore, it's good for you. Seek out animal food - whether it's dairy, eggs, or flesh - from an animal that was raised humanely and traditionally, and consumes what it was designed to eat.

Products from traditionally raised animals are now becoming increasingly available from local farmers. It is, in fact, getting much easier to find pastured eggs with bright orange yolks from hens that have been foraging outside. What is healthiest for you is also what is healthiest for the planet. Local food is fresher, picked riper, and often grown without excessive pesticides. It also requires a minimum amount of fossil fuel to get to market. Furthermore, it just tastes better.

Compare a peach so ripe and juicy that it falls apart as you eat it to the mealy versions so common in most supermarkets. Even more fun than McDonald's! Jack and Jill travels the world, with a look at winter holiday celebrations and life in Mongolia's Gobi Desert , as well as an interview with year-old figure skater and Olympic hopeful Mirai Nagasu. Ever heard of scientists who brave dense jungles and hang from trees to study rare insects?

Coconut Water

Ranger Rick Magazine has the whole story, along with cool pictures of animal sculptures made entirely from tin cans. If this makes you feel like exploring the world, come on down! The library is always the best place to start. The latest casualty in the world of print publications is Gourmet magazine, which, after a run of 65 years in production, is closing with the November issue.

We carry annual "best of" editions of Gourmet in the cookbook section.

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We subscribe to many periodicals on the subject and two of my favorites are Saveur and The Art of Eating , which, so far, seem to have a healthy prospect for remaining in print. Saveur is especially for food enthusiasts who like to travel or who like to imagine traveling as it combines a passion for food and wonderful ingredients with articles, and spectacular pictures, about food cultures all over the world.

I think my favorite issue was , sometime in , called "The Beauty of Butter", with recipes from around the world using this most tasty ingredient. The magazines on our parent shelf are taking on the world, and they can take you along for the ride. Parenting: School Years starts out strong with an article on how to enjoy your child's "difficult" tween years, and just keeps on swinging with a special Mom Congress report on the necessity of art education, a guide to family hapiness, and their picks for "toys of the year.

Coincidentally, Family Fun Magazine also features their Toy of the Year Awards -- number one is Klutz's "Invasion of the Bristlebots" , a kit for making robots out of toothbrush heads. The magazine continues with an article on blogging as a family, a list of fun Thanksgiving activities, and five unique pie recipes for those bored with the same old pumpkin-from-a-can variety. Gifted Child Today tackles some serious issues in their fall edition -- a guide to involving children in caring for the earth, an article by Dr.

Gilman W. Whiting , director of the Scholar Identity Institute on reducing dropout rates among diverse students, and a guide to identifying signs of Asperger's syndrome -- an Autism-spectrum disorder. If all this makes you want to roll up your sleeves and dive in, great! These great ideas and more are just a trip to the magazine rack away. Oishinbo has finally been translated after being hugely popular in Japan. The series depicts the adventures of culinary journalist Shirou Yamaoka and his partner and later wife , Yuko Kurita.

Each volume in the series explores a different facet of Japanese cuisine. The exhaustive detail is fascinating and will only heighten a love for Japanese food.

Another title that's now on order for aadl is Project X a fascinating account of how the Nissin corportation revolutionized portable eating with the creation of Cup 'o Noodles. It's autumn! Time for apples, cider, pie, doughnuts and pumpkins!

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The orchards and cider mills are now open and offer many attractions from hay rides, apple and pumpkin picking and even haunted houses. All About Apples is a website that lists orchards all through Michigan with descriptions of what the orchards offer. If you need ideas for carving your pumpkin the library has Pumpkin Carving and Great Pumpkins:Crafty carving for Halloween. Are you a fan of pie? The library has books to help you bake with those freshly picked apples and pumpkins.

The Healthy Hedonist Holidays: A Year of Multi-Cultural, Vegetarian-Friendly Holiday Feasts

Sounds like good times! Admission is free, food is available for purchase. Ann Arbor has such a wonderful community with great support in local food efforts. Think Slow Food Huron Valley. Celebrate wonderful food and wonderful Michigan farms at this event! The AADL has a wonderful culinary collection and a few titles have been unjustly dusty.